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Woohoo – almost there!

A few things to keep in mind:


Your access does not expire. There are also no recurring costs

What next
If we continue to grow, the platform will soon reach its limit. We’ll need a more robust solution like a proper native app. When that day comes, you will be informed about receiving a new account.

Payment information

International payments with currencies and taxes is tough to handle for small teams. We’ve partnered with a fantastic company called FastSpring. They handle all of this for us so that we have more time to help parents and kids.

Payment methods
Depending on your country FastSpring offers different payment methods. Please remember that if you select manual payment like bank transfer you will have to wait a few days until the payment has cleared. If you don’t like waiting it’s best to select credit card or PayPal.

Required information
We always try to ask for as little information from you as possible. Depending on your country FastSpring may ask for your ZIP and/or phone number. This is purely for transactional reasons and ensures a smooth payment process.

mindTV for Parents


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into account country-specific tax rates

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