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mindTV for Parents

Use your childs imagination to help them turn bad feelings into objects – and remove them

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Helping our kids feel good about themselves

Self-Confident, Courageous, Motivated & Happy

Colorful, happy & positive

Discover a platform full of creative visualization ideas
and make a positive difference in your child’s life

Watch a 2-minute video about bad feelings

Just you and your child

Spend quality time full of fun, joy and positivity with your child and help them feel good about themselves

Tap into your child’s fascinating imagination and help them find answers and creative solutions in their inner world

Show your child a powerful tool to develop good habits and resolve issues while they are still small and easy to remove

What’s inside

Find fun and colorful cartoons showing you and your child exactly how to do mindTV.

Look forward to goosebump moments.

Common questions

What age is mindTV for?
The perfect age starts at around 5 years. A lot depends on your child’s issue, maturity and most importantly their willingness to work together with you as a team.

If your child is younger, you may need to simplify the concepts shown in the videos and keep the exercises even shorter. Just try it out. You may be surprised at how well even your 3-year-old can imagine removing his bad feeling and throwing it in the trash.

What can I use mindTV for?
Parents come to us with an endless range of topics:
Fears of animals or monsters, not wanting to go to school, being shy around other kids, blackouts during exams, not sleeping, homesickness, bad habits and many many more.

Generally speaking, mindTV works really well with issues that in one way or another involve the mind. This includes all sorts of fears, habits, blockages and behavioural topics. From tiny to seemingly more complex issues, it’s remarkable how kids can use their imagination to actively change their perception.

Lots of kids also use mindTV as a daily routine. Before bedtime, for example, they go into the Mind Room to turn on the «good night switch» or use the Black Rubbish Bag to collect and dispose of anything negative that happened during the day.

Will this work with my child?
Of course mindTV isn’t a magic wand you wave once to make any problem disappear. So many factors come into play and each child, their situation and issues are completely different.

What we can say with certainty is that thousands of children of all ages and with all sorts of personal issues have been helped by our team and a growing number of professionals. Every single idea you come across on mindTV comes directly from working with children. That is a big part of the reason, why mindTV is so authentic and real.

If you invest some time and your child makes an effort to work on their issue, you’ll be surprised how powerful their imagination is and how visualization can completely change the way they feel about themselves.

Any technical requirements?
The current beta-platform is primarily designed for use on smartphones but also works just fine on tablets, notebooks and desktop computers. While it looks and feels like an app, it’s really just a website you can access through any browser. In order to fully access you need to run somewhat up to date software and have a stable internet connection.

We have added a feature that allows you to save the website to your smartphone. This creates an app icon on your home screen and makes it easier for you to access the platform. Make sure to check the «remember me» checkbox during login to remain signed in.

Ok, so I sign up – and then what?
Well, firstly we’ll thank you for your trust! We consider it a privilege to have you alongside us for part of our journey. Secondly you’ll have instant access to all the cartoons and concepts already available.

Thirdly you should take a moment to dive in and get to know mindTV. Don’t worry if some things sound weird or don’t immediately make sense. After all, it is for kids – they get it.

Finally, when you’re ready to give it a go, get your child on the same page. This is all about making them feel better. mindTV is meant to be fun and exciting. You know best what they’re interested in, so use that to your advantage. Use the tools we provide as a roadmap but remain completely open to follow your child on their detours. Ask lots of questions and guide them towards possible answers and solutions. Most of all, just enjoy this one-on-one time with your child.


What shape and color do your child’s bad feelings have?

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